Alt - EcoCar to firma taksówkowa dysponująca własną, jednorodną flotą maksymalnie dwuletnich ekologicznych aut. Usługi TAXI w Warszawa i Trójmiasto

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About us

EcoCar is the only tech-based company on taxi segment with polish equity, owning homogenic car fleet both hybrid and fully electric. EcoCar has 3.3 million regular customers in Warsaw. We offer pay-per-kilometer and fixed price rides available to book through our App or Telecenter available at numer 123456789

We at EcoCar have managed to implement one of the most tech-innovative app currently available in the market. We are proud of our competetive advantages. EcoCar brand equity based on customers ratings gives us upmost recognition in taxi business. We are working hard toward becoming leader on high-tech mobile solutions for car transportation.

It is obvious fact, that taxi business is changing dynamically. Even in near future car transportation in cities will change radically. Car rental chains, mobile apps, car sharing economy will all make unprecedented distinction of taxi business now and in the future. EcoCar aims to be pioneer company in Poland, conducting research towards city tranport improvement.

Our drivers go through safety and ecological driving, as well as traffic rules trainings on regular basis. EcoCar system is monitoring all our cars routes, each driver’s personal driving styles and enebles nearest available car to be assigned to customer. This way we can optimize gas usage and CO2 airborne release. We drive brand new hybrid cars only.

New times and it’s challanges demands usage of new generation marketing. All over the world apps like Get, Juno, Lyft or Uber are spending millions of dollars on IT and marketing. We too are following trends in data analysis for targeting customers personalized ads. Moreover, we do it with paying a lot of attention to keep our customers personal data safe.

Alt - EcoCar to firma taksówkowa dysponująca własną, jednorodną flotą maksymalnie dwuletnich ekologicznych aut. Usługi TAXI w Warszawa i Trójmiasto

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Our app allows to book a drive, to pay easily and even to personalize EcoCar Taxi beacon. You can start to schedule your time with EcoCar now.

EcoCar in numbers

Eco-friendly cars
million customers
It takes
0 million

to reduce amount of CO2 airborne release, an equivalent of our green cars fleet reduction versus traditional taxi car fleet.

For You

EcoCar fleet are only modern hybrid and fully electric cars that meets all restrictive emission regulations. We dare to take radical approach in challenging climate changes. We care for comfortable and pleasent travels for our customers, and we have well-fitted cars that are perfect for it.

For business

Sign partnership cooperation agreement with us today. Our intuitive system gives you limitless options to generate reports, saving history of all courses. We can guarantee fare credit limit and one final invoice at the end of the month.

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