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Alt - EcoCar to firma taksówkowa dysponująca własną, jednorodną flotą maksymalnie dwuletnich ekologicznych aut. Usługi TAXI w Warszawa i Trójmiasto

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Price fixed i advance

EcoCar is managing over 300 hybrid and electric cars of Kia, Toyota, Tesla and Hyundai brands, thac carry our customers for fixed price fare

In our app you can choose „GUARANTEED PRICE”, put the destination in and have ride for guaranteed price, that won’t change regardless of traffic situation. Order our car in Warsaw and pay through app, with your credit card or with cash. We’ve made over 3.8 million courses with around 100k of them per month. You can decide what car you want travel with. We have only new cars. Here are some extra services you can get:

  • Airport transfers
  • Picking up at the gates with nameplates
  • Managing transport at conferences and business meetings
  • Car rental for social events
  • Driving and walking children to school
  • Picking up and delivering packages
  • Vehicle escort
  • Delivering of groceries