Cost control

Alt - EcoCar to firma taksówkowa dysponująca własną, jednorodną flotą maksymalnie dwuletnich ekologicznych aut. Usługi TAXI w Warszawa i Trójmiasto

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Sign a permanent cooperation agreement with us. Our intuitive system gives you limitless options to generate reports, saving all courses. We can guarantee fare credit limit and one final invoice at the end of the month.

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You get

  • Monthly credit limit for rides,
  • end of month invoice with complete activities report,
  • ability to follow all courses on-line in real time,
  • detailed courses history for each company user,
  • easy identification of user by phone number,
  • full cotrol over costs thanks to on-line reports access,
  • one-time EcoCodes for guests, to be used for taxi rides
  • ability to determine value and expire date of EcoCodes,
  • adding notes and EcoCodes for company departments, in order to control costs.